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Dr. Chitale is a Queen's University Graduate in Molecular Biology and Genetics. In her last year of work in genetic research, she turned to natural medicine for treating illness -to heal her own knee injury. This inspired her to focus and learn more about using natural medicine for both treatment and prevention, which led her to pursue Naturopathic Medicine at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) , in Toronto. Dr. Chitale obtained further training in botanical medicine and homeopathy while a student and upon graduation, Dr. Chitale obtained further qualification in Restorative Medicine and Endocrine Health for the treatment of Thyroid and related endocrine conditions such as:

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  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome.
  • Thyroid.
  • Adrenal.
  • Glucose Metabolism.
  • Elevated Cholesterol.


  • Conception.
  • Implantation Issues.
  • IUI.
  • IVF support.
  • Irregular Cycles.
  • PCOS.

Related Conditions

  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Weight Gain


Online/Virtual Naturopathy


Naturopathy (Naturopathic Medicine) is a primary health care system using the techniques of prevalent medical science in combination with natural medicine. When the body projects symptoms of illness or disease, it is a warning sign that it is not functioning properly.