Janine Scheffler,

Intuitive Eating Coach

Pure Body Health Online Wellness Coach and Nutritionist - Janine Scheffler


Janine is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Food, Nutrition, and Health. She began her career in hormone restoration, where she accumulated over 800 hours in the clinic. During the consultations, she witnessed clients had an abundance of nutrition knowledge but the phrase "how do I eat" was commonly expressed. Janine recognized conversations revolved around body dissatisfaction and emotional eating, and she knew something was missing from her education. This led her to search for a more in-depth approach to empowering clients; she found that intuitive eating was the answer.

Intuitive eating shifted not only Janine's personal life by unraveling years of disordered eating, but also her professional career. Janine is a Victoria-based intuitive eating coach and licensed Be Body Positive Facilitator who works from a non-diet, Health At Every SizeĀ® perspective. Her focus is on helping people overcome binge eating and find peace with their bodies. Janine's passion is to empower chronic dieters to relearn their birthright of the innate wisdom of eating, moving, and living. In sessions, clients learn how to eat based on individual body cues, create self-care practices, and find balance in all aspects of health - without the obsession.

She is currently studying to become a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses an Eastern healing philosophy in her coaching practice. She has also completed various continuing education courses in culinary nutrition, body positivity, and embodied practices for disordered eating. Janine integrates her education to help people restore a positive relationship with food, mind, and body.

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Client-Centered Approach Focusing on:

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Online/Virtual Nutrition Counselling


Includes an assessment of your health history, supplements, daily habits, nutrition concerns, and food journal record. We will create an online action plan to support the achievement of the nutrition goals and needs.