Loretta Langille

Life Coach

Pure Body Health Online Wellness Coach and Nutritionist - Loretta Langille


Loretta is an ICF Certified Coach who loves to help her clients thrive doing what they love and becoming the best version of themselves.

As a coach and practitioner, Loretta brings authenticity, honesty, calmness, curiosity and respectful boldness to her coaching conversations. Loretta relies heavily on her intuition when serving her clients and shares without attachment. She has always been a big believer in the holistic approach and so looks at her clients as whole persons in whole lives.

Before getting fully into the coaching space, she worked as a dental professional for 14 years, but found herself feeling stuck, burnout, disconnected from herself and constantly wondering if there was more to life. Even though on the surface it appeared ‘she had it all’; it didn’t feel that way. Her soul was calling her to awaken to something more. She decided to take a leap of faith and made a major career change amidst raising 2 boys. During this time of personal transformation, she leaned on several holistic modalities including life coaching to help her reconnect with herself and discover a new fulfilling path. Loretta’s path has unfolded better than imagined as she has learned to trust herself and the universe more fully. Her recent cross country move to the Greater Victoria area is a testament to her commitment to following these calls inside her. She loves supporting her clients to build their dreams as well, follow the callings inside them and shine their lights so bright! She knows her clients have amazing gifts to share with the world and it’s an honour to support them in aligning with what matters most to them. Loretta’s coaching clients say they feel more confident, can better trust their intuition, and have greater self-love and acceptance while living their truth and building their dreams. She does this through a range of holistic modalities incorporated into her life coaching (customized to her clients’ needs), such as: energy and mindfulness awareness, Usui Reiki, meditation, Conscious EFT™ and dreamwork coaching.

Some of Loretta’s Professional Qualifications:

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One-on-one coaching where you will be guided through various aspects of bodily health, nutrition, lifestyle, and develop tools for daily balance. Whether dealing with specific health concerns or simply looking to up-level your health and deepen your understanding of holistic physical and mental wellbeing we are here to support you.

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