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Don't Focus on how
much you eat, Focus on What
you eat

Best online registered nutrition
counselling near me in BC

Now you can find all our solutions online. PBH has created this space to offer you our solutions and a team of professionals in online Nutrition Counselling.

Health freak person making nutritious salad as per personalized meal given by our Counsellor
 Giving online healthy organic nutritious support with the help of skype, facetime or zoom under Covid 19 situation

Feeding is
a necessity,
but intelligently
feeding is a science.

Using Skype, Facetime or Zoom is an excellent alternative for providing virtual nutritional counselling support in an online setting as a response to the current situation that we are facing with this COVID-19 pandemic.

Online Nutrition Counselling,

Includes an assessment of your health history, supplements, daily habits, nutrition concerns, and food journal record. Our online registered nutritionist will create an online action plan to support the achievement of the nutrition goals and needs. Recommendations and online-assessment tools to evaluate your nutritional status, a menu plan with recipes, free online booklet with relevant information to boost your immune system.

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60 Minutes

For us, a nutritional plan takes time, so our solution is established under a structured program, where we will guide you to achieve the proposed goals, using digital tools for monitoring, control and evaluation by our personal nutritionist.
  • Evaluation of health history.
  • Supplements for your diet.
  • Development of daily eating habits.
  • Food record.
  • Goal-based plan.
  • Nutritional condition.
  • Recipe plan and meal menus.
  • Information to strengthen your immune system.
Icon for online follow up - 45 minutes


40 Minutes

To monitor your progress, this plan includes a nutritional audit with our 40-minute specialists to analyze the status of your plan.
  • 40-minute online review.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of health changes.
  • Laboratory assessment.
  • Evaluation and planning of diets and plan goals.
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Advance PBH

Our online nutrition counselling goes further, that is why we have created a unique plan for you, where we include all our nutrition services. Invest in yourself and your health; nothing is more important.
  • Initial consultation.
  • Three monitoring sites.
  • 21 days of meal planning.
  • Personalized monitoring of the plan by email.
  • Evaluation and tracking of health changes.
  • Laboratory assessment.
 Professionally designed nutritional diet in 60 minutes video call and fresh veggies with topping to eat and stay healthy

Your solution begins with
a recommendation from
our professionals.

In our 60-minute online appointment, our professionals design a nutritional plan for your needs. You can interact through video calls.

Tracking your
progress and results
with our professionals

Our online solution is intended as a powerful tool for monitoring your progress. Our professionals will evaluate the performance of your results. We will always be there to guide you.

 Health consicous lady cutting zucchini in kitchen to make her diet as per diet plan given by our nutritinal cousellor