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Shadow of a man walking in a field during sunset

Living Your Calling

By: Loretta Langille

Girl running in a garden

Vitamin B12: Are You Missing This Vital Nutrient In Your Diet??

Dated 11/13/2020
By: Coralie Cardy

If you’ve been struggling with persistent fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, poor mental clarity, or sleep difficulties, a deficiency in vitamin B12 may be to blame...

Forest - representing the wild jungle of dreams a person may have

Dreams Were Meant to Be Followed

Dated 11/13/2020
By: Loretta Langille

As everything is shutting down due to corona-virus, many of us are being forced to slow down and re-evaluate our lives...

A healthy yellow colored herbal tea

Immune Tea - Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dated 11/17/2020
By: Dr. Angeli Chitale

When I’m not well with a cold, sinus congestion, fever and in bed but not sick enough to go to the hospital, this is what (I) the naturopathic doctor takes to recover...

Image of a window besides a bed

The Importance of Sleep

Dated 11/13/2020
By: Morven MacGregor

Getting a good deep sleep is the best thing you can do to regenerate cells and heal your body. Sounds so boring right? It’s actually magical...

Squash, Lentin and Coconut based curry cooking on a stove

Winter Curry Recipe

Dated 11/24/2020
By: Coralie Cardy

The transition to fall leaves many of us craving warm, aromatic comfort foods: for myself, I tend towards hearty soups, chili & curries…

Forest - representing the wild jungle of dreams a person may have

Reclaiming the Word 'NO' to Create Space for 'YES'

Dated 12/01/2020
By: Loretta Langille

Many of us adults have forgotten how to say no. As toddlers, we knew very well how to assert our power and even enjoyed playing with the word no...

View of a lake and mountains

10 Relaxing Nature Activities that will Rejuvenate your Mind

Dated 12/08/2020
By: Betsie Bannett

The way you spend time out in nature can affect how much your physical, emotional and mental health will benefit from it. If you’re getting outside to relax, relieve stress...

Depressed person sitting by the wall

The Nutritional Approach to Depression

Dated 12/16/2020
By: Coralie Cardy

I want to start this post with a disclaimer: in no way am I touting that nutrition is the be all, end all for coping with mental health challenges, including depression...

Happy girl with arms spread wide

Could This Be Your Wake Up Call?

Dated 12/22/2020
By: Loretta Langille

Could this pandemic be your wake-up call? Has it got you reflecting on your life? Are you considering or have you made a major change in your life?...

Shadow of a man walking in a field during sunset

Living Your Calling

Dated 12/29/2020
By: Loretta Langille

What is your deeper purpose? Is it part of your work in the world? Some of us are fortunate to find and follow our ‘calling’ early in life...

A jar full of healthy vegetables

Top Winter Nutrition Tips

Dated 01/05/2021
By: Emma Sloan

Pure Body Health Online’s team of experts guides you through their top winter nutrition tips to maintain a balanced mind and body...

Woman in a beach side pool looking towards sea

Why Self Care Isn't Optional (Especially in 2021)

Dated 01/12/2021
By: Emma Sloan

Read Pure Body Health’s latest blog to learn why self-care isn’t optional (especially in 2021) and how to integrate it into your day-to-day...

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