Sonia (Sony) Garza

Life Coach

Pure Body Health Online Wellness Coach and Nutritionist - Loretta Langille


As a result of discovering the power of Coaching in 2002, Sonia (Sony) started her own coaching company in Mexico in 2007 with 17 other professionals. The main areas of coaching were: Life Coaching, Body and Mental Health, Personal, Professional and Public Image, Grief, Negotiation and Financial.

Sony was deeply affected by family members living with mental health challenges, the tragic loss of loved ones, as well as divorce and immigration. In 2009, she immigrated to Canada to start a new life and find new opportunities. Mother of two grown joyful kids.

Sony helps people achieve their personal and professional goals, maximize their own creativity, imagination and talents in a warmth and approachable way.

She embraces a holistic life coaching perspective, so clients are able to overcome feeling stuck, and move forward from crisis to thriving. Sony knows that working with a Coach can positively change anyone’s life. Her passion is to help people with different levels of emotional, mental, personal and professional needs, to help them recover, achieve their goals and rebuild their lives focusing on their own strengths and opportunities which are unique to each individual. Sony’s own life experiences have given her the awareness and compassion to understand people’s needs and struggles.

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One-on-one coaching where you will be guided through various aspects of bodily health, nutrition, lifestyle, and develop tools for daily balance. Whether dealing with specific health concerns or simply looking to up-level your health and deepen your understanding of holistic physical and mental wellbeing we are here to support you.

Online/Virtual Life Coaching